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Member Reviews are offered to assist site users to make informed decisions. It is up to the proposed user of a service or product to make their own decision to use or not use a particular service or product.  

The following Member Reviews are provided with no bias or malice intended.

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Become a member to post a review

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rates the members level of satisfaction with the product or service they received.

1*      = would not use again,

2**     = Below average,

3***    = Average,

4****  = Better than Average,

5***** = Excellent 

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This Members Review section is provided to all users to enable the user to learn from the experiences our members have had when using the reviewed service or product.

This provides the potential new user the ability to make an informed decision to use or not use a particular service or product.  

Use your own discretion when making informed choices.

In addition, constructive review enables Butterfly Hearts to make representations to organisations and businesses to encourage changes in their approach to serving the end user in a more positive and 'All people friendly' manner.

This information is provided with no bias or malice intended.

It is up to the proposed user of a service or product to make up their own mind, this page 'member reviews' is aimed at assisting the user to make informed decisions.

This page is only made possible by our members, our supporters and donations received from people like yourself, please assist if you can.