Links to useful sites for those of us who experience mobility issues.

Report a Parking Offender


Report Parking offenders app.

A new App is available for your smart phone making it easy to report law breakers without confronting them. 

Snap Send Solve,  allows you to report a variety of issues, including illegal parking, quickly and easily.

Fact: Parking in a designated Disabled Parking space without displaying the correct permit is an offence under Law, so you should not be concerned about reporting the offender.

That offender has demonstrated their total lack of concern or thought for you. They are not just inconsiderate, they are breaking the law.

You have rights and if you choose to ignore those rights you then cannot complain when they are taken away or misused. 

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Experiencing mobility issues ?

Who said you can't experience 'the wild' or mother nature?

 check out access friendly places within the National Park network


First Peoples Disability Network Australia is the national representative org of and for First Peoples with disability, their families and communities.

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  • People with disability have a higher risk of experiencing violence than people without disability

  • People with disability can also experience more barriers to access support services

  • Being aware of the issues people with disability experience can help to prevent further violence and increase safety