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Butterfly Hearts welcome the Business Members listed on this page.
  • they, like us are  supportive of change in the service and product sector
  • to a sector that aims to become 'All People Friendly'
  • while enhancing the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, carers and communities and
  • supporting efforts towards eliminating barriers to opportunity
  • enabling all people to reach their fullest potential

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APC Prosthetics began in 1998, built on the foundation of over 100 years of combined clinical experience. Our philosophy is to achieve the best outcome for our clients, aiming for the best possible comfort, the best possible function and the best possible lifestyle.

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Problem Management Engineering (PME) founded in 1989 by Bill Georgas, after he became a paraplegic.  Bill soon realised that there was a great need, for quality automotive engineering services, for the physically challenged.