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List of vehicle modifiers

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Additional Vehicle Moderfiers

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Home Remodelling for people with disabilities: What You Need to Know

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Vehicle modification equipment 



Information for Queenslanders

Our aim is to enable people of all ages and abilities to actively engage in home, work, school and community life. 


New South Wales

supply living aids and equipment direct to the public & national via web store


 PME have become leaders in the industry and are known and trusted right across Australia. With thousands of satisfied customers, PME stands alone in terms of experience, expertise and empathy.

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Newcastle / Hunter Valley and surrounds 

Mobility for the Disabled Ron Wadas

243 Wallsend Road, Cardiff Heights NSW.  2285   (02)49565422



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With extensive knowledge of scooters, wheelchairs, beds and living aids the primary goal for the team at Mobility Aids Australia is to find the right mobility and lifestyle solution for every client. 


South Australia


Independent Living & Mobility Equipment is a major provider of healthcare equipment.


Mobility Aids in Adelaide



 Western Australia

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 'Daily Living' is a business, sensitive to the needs and expectations of our local, as well as nationwide customer base.

 Northern Territory & Islands of Australia


Torres Strait Islands

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Disability services Torres Strait

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People with Disability + Aids & Equipment

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Islanders & disability

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