Before You Travel

There are a number of things the prospective traveler should consider and the importance of these cannot be understated.

Below is a list of some but not all consideration you might like to avail yourself of

Travelling Abroad

  • NEVER leave home without Travel Insurance.

  • Check your Travel Insurance does cover your intended activities.  Some Travel Insurances may not cover illness or accident on board a cruise ship for example, others may not cover injury while riding a motorcycle or similar while overseas.

  • Understand the actual physical size and terrain of the location you intend to visit and with this understanding assess if it is a suitable destination given your needs and abilities.

  • Be aware of the climate at your destination when you expect to arrive

  • Ensure you pack enough suitable clothing to dress for that climate, also pack to allow for unseasonal whether that might be experienced, Other travellers recommend taking clothing capable of being layered as needed.

  • Be aware of the language of the intended destination and make appropriate arrangements to ensure you can be understood.

  • Be aware and understand the culture and beliefs of your destination to ensure you do not act contra to those beliefs and their culture.

  • Understand the basic law structure of your destination and ensure you do not unwittingly break their laws or beliefs. The law and its punishments in Australia can be very different than those practiced in other countries or societies.

  • Ensure your destination has the facilities you require or they can be obtained.

  • Ensure all Passport, visa's and other required documentation/approvals are correct and up-to-date.

  • Many travellers recommend you have a photo copy of your Passport and other documents with you stored separately to the original

  • Ensure you take with you all required medications and get from your doctor a list of these, their uses and signed by the doctor, this may elevate anguish when attempting to enter other countries as they can see that they are doctor prescribed medication.

  • Know the tipping expectation of your intended destination, unlike Australia where tipping is not practiced or expected there are many locations where tipping is practiced and expected, standard tipping ranges from 15% - 20% in many countries.

  • Australians have a reputation of being very well behaved, polite and respectful when visiting other countries and cultures. Be mindful while you are traveling you are the face of Australia.

  • Driving (if you intend to) in other countries can be very different to that in Australia therefore you need to ensure you have the appropriate permits and understand the rules of the road in place at your destination local.

  • If the unexpected happens, Not all countries have emergency systems like experienced across Australia and access to the 000 call, Canada and America have a similar system with 911 call however you need to check the emergency process in place within your destinations local.

  • Style of dress (Dress Code), it cannot be stressed enough that the way you dress might be unimportant here in Australia however in some other countries there are very strong dress codes and not respecting them may see you in a lot to trouble. Know the Dress Code for your intended destination.

Travel Australia

People sometimes forget the actual size of Australia and fail to allow appropriate time to travel this great country. 

  • Have a realistic idea of the time needed to journey to your destination by what ever means you decide.

  • Ensure you include ample rest breaks and keep well hydrated.

  • If traveling in outback areas yourself be sure to take along emergency fuel, food and water (and toilet paper) should the unexpected happen.

  • If stranded in an isolated location, DO NOT leave the vehicle.

  • Ensure your mode of transport is up to the task and in good well maintained condition.

  • Ensure you have a backup plan should you experience transport failure or breakdown. 

  • Be aware that in the Australian outback amenities can be limited and on occasions you may arrive to refuel your vehicle and find the station has no fuel, unusual but it does happen.

  • When visiting towns be aware of the culture and expectation for visitors to follow, be respectful.

  • When visiting scenic locations obey warning signage, enjoy and take in the surrounds, take photos and leave nothing but foot steps or wheel chair tracks.

  • When sight seeing remember those around you, treat our wild life with respect and awe at its diversity. Do not intentionally harm any native flora or fauna.