General accommodation information

General Information

Hit & Miss

Booking Travel Accomodation can a very hit and miss affair. Some venue operators will advertise 'disabled friendly' however that may be nothing more than words and / or a tick-a-box exercise for advertising rating. The term 'disabled' room means so many different things to many different people and providers.  You would be wise to ask specific needs capability,  a few simple questions like:  

If all you need is to be able to put a chair under the shower, then ask the question? like - 'can a chair be put in the shower'?

Many places the shower recess can be too small for a chair to fit in or it may have raised hobs or possibly the shower is located over a bath-tub.  'Ask the Question'. 


Ask the Question

By simply asking a question and not relying on the advertised 'disabled room' category our members have found by asking what you actually need opens up a greater variety of accomodation available to you and it may not be labelled 'Disabled Friendly'.

Our members have stayed in accommodation that while not designated 'Disabled' satisfies their need and in some cases better than a so called Disabled room.

Room with a view

Often rooms designated 'disabled friendly'  are located within the property where the operators find it difficult to sell to the general public.  Often located in noisy and inconvenient locations and rarely will a 'disabled room'  have a pleasant outlook of the surrounds.

Members have commented that it feel's like disabled people don't warrant a room with a view.  These are Tick-a-box providers.

Say Something

It is important you and /or your support person don't remain silent about these venues.  

Let others know your experiences Do Not remain silent about how the service provider cared or didn't care about you, a customer with specific needs.


Many people who may not have the label of being disabled or carry a Mobility Parking Scheme card may have certain difficulties which they could benefit from using a property suitable for 'disabled'.  Within Australia the person experiencing difficulty with mobility is increasing and this increase shows signs to continue into the future. This being true it is time our society moved away from labels that restrict people and move to being ALL PEOPLE FRIENDLY both in terminology and practice.

All People Friendly

Current terminology of 'disabled' accommodation precludes people who do not possess a disabled label from using designated disable accommodation.  We feel this is very wrong and only comes about because of the limited availability of Disabled friendly rooms.

Butterfly Hearts  are trying to redefine the descriptive used in this sector to 'All People Friendly'.


Excuses, Excuses

Businesses will use the excuse for limited provision of 'Disability friendly'  on the additional cost of providing these amenities. We at Butterfly Hearts believes a forward thinking business would realise that if they changed their design mindset and designed properties to be 'ALL PEOPLE' friendly, the cost factor would be eliminated as all venues and rooms would have the same or similar amenities and thus change the scale of cost.  

There would be no need for the term 'Disabled' room as rooms would become  All people friendly

Making Change

At Butterfly Hearts we recognise this chance cannot happen straight away or without you, the user, demanding the change and voicing your opinion.

The change can be achieved if the facility when undergoing their venue revamps/upgrading, which they all do on a regular basis, make simple changes to their thinking when designing and implementing upgrades to their properties to become 'All People Friendly'.  

What can We Do

Change can be achieved in most venues if the operators choose to do so. However they need to be encouraged to do so as with all things it is difficult to change the current accepted beliefs.

These can be changed if we, the user choose not to stay silent and let the operators and society know what is needed and expected by the us, the user.

Getting Involved

As a user you can raise issue directly with the provider or as a member of Butterfly Hearts you are no longer only one voice but become one of many and this can resinate very strongly with providers,  organisations, design architectural  organisations, governmental authorities and policy makers etc.  

with your help, by commenting or providing Review feedback on this site we can then inform the supply and standards sector on your behalf, the user.  Together we can get the design ideas moving for new and or remodelling of venues. 

We can get 'All People Friendly' in progress.  Become a member and have an input into our future.