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Butterfly Hearts is a project of Hearts and Hands Community Development a volunteer Not for Profit charity based organisation witch holds Australian tax deductible status.

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Butterfly Hearts

Butterfly Hearts 

Is a member influenced and driven  providing information and links the public user may find helpful and enabling them to benefit from our members experiences. Site activities are aimed at  achieving recognition and positive change in community for people living with mobility and other issues, whether they are identified as disabled or not within our society.

  • The site offers users on-site information, encouragement, contacts and opportunity to benefit from products and services designed to assist persons living with mobility and other issues. 

  • Our site is for those experiencing mobility issues both disability classified or not or any user who may benefit from our members views and opinions.

  • Butterfly Hearts is a project of Hearts and Hands Community Development


Butterfly Hearts


  • at providing the ability and opportunity to enhance the dignity and quality of life entitled to all persons.

  • to provide opportunities to eliminate barriers and enable those experiencing mobility and other issues to reach their fullest potential.

  • to provide Information, Recommendation, Encouragement, and the opportunity to be part of societal change by participating in our 'Service and Product Reviews' programme. (members Only)   

  • to provide user based constructive feedback to organisations and businesses as well as governmental authorities based on member user reviews and comments.  

  • to provide a service that is relevant and available to all those in our community experiencing mobility and other issues, carers and organisation staff. 

  • to identify user recommended organisations, services and products displayed on our site by tagging each with the Butterfly Hearts Logo. (This will identify that the majority of reviews /comments received from our members identifies the item as suitable for to needs).

  • to make relevant up to date information available 24/7. 

Members have identified:

  • Within Australia the 'disability sector' in recent years has seen enormous growth and with the identified ageing population this growth is expected to continue.

  • There is a void of readily available information in the community if the user does not know what are their entitlements and how to access them.

  • Our site intends to address this short fall by being a one stop shop 'so to say'. A site where visitors can access a variety of services and products that could be helpful to the person experiencing mobility issues.

  • Members have identified a desire to be treated as worthwhile members of our community and given the ability to partake in normal community activities. This project will encourage this to be achieved.    


The Butterfly Hearts Project will;

  • Provide those experiencing mobility and other issues with information, encouragement and access to user product or service reviews to assist the potential user to make 'Informed‘ decisions as to whether that service or product is right for them.

  • Provide an avenue to encourage businesses and organisation to become better providers of end user experience and encourage businesses and services to become ‘All People friendly'.

  • Work to remove the stigma around “disability” and encourage “All People Friendly”

  • Advocate for all people in getting decision makers to accept we should be concentrating on “All People Friendly” accessibility and not Disability as is the current approach.

  • Encourage decision makers to understand that change of thinking will also result in change in installation cost factor, as all venues take up the 'all people friendly' model the excessive cost barrier associated with disability provision will be eliminated. 

  • The Hearts and Hands Community Development - Butterfly Hearts project,  will remain a user based 'Not for Profit' project.

  • Any and all income generated or donated through Butterfly Hearts in excess of running and development needs will be used to expand and further develop Hearts and Hands Community Development charity and its projects.

Mission Statement

The Butterfly Hearts web-site will enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals, families, carers and communities by working towards eliminating barriers to opportunity and helping people reach their fullest potential through the power of information and access to others experience and ideas."

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Supporting Mobility challenged people,Our  Disabled community members.

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Protecting our venerable community members, the CHILDREN

Assisting underprivileged to raise themselves out of despair and utter poverty