We can effect the lives of others by our own actions, 
expectations & shared experiences.

Is a website for people living with mobility issues.

 It offers information, encouragement and Member Reviews of service & products.

It advocates to change the language from 'Disabled Friendly' to 'All-People Friendly'. 


Our aim is to enhance the dignity and quality of life of

individuals, families, carers and communities

by working towards eliminating barriers to opportunity

and helping people to reach their fullest potential

through the power of information and

access to others experiences and ideas.

Member 'service and product reviews' are provided as an information service to all site users enabling them to make informed decisions about using a particular service or product.

Member reviews are also used to

  •  raise communication with the service and supply sector allowing us to raise end-user identified issues. 

  • encourage them to adopt a 'All People Friendly' model where this need is identified,

thus raising the level of end user satisfaction of services and products.

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 Tax deductible support donation enables us to continually develop for latest information to be available for all.

Membership enables: 

  • us to actively relay member identified issues to relevant authorities or business organisations

  • the member to have input into the continued development of the site

  • you, the member to stop being bystanders in life and become participants influencing positive change both in your own life and the lives of others

  • you to take advantage of negotiated discounts as identified on our site

See our member information for more.

so why not become a member?

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much - Helen Keller


What would you like to

find or know about?

Butterfly Hearts is a member driven Not for Profit charity organisation witch holds Australian Tax deductibility status.

Disabled persons or those living with mobility issues, amputation, paraplegia, wheelchair restricted or movement impairment of any kind may benefit from the disability friendly information and links provided within Butterfly Hearts which is a project of Hearts and Hands Community Development, being a Australian Tax Deductible community support not for profit charity and offering programmes around the world including Australia. Within Australia through links for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Canberra, Western Australia, Northern Territory and Australian Islands with the addition of New Zealand and the disabled communities within these areas.

Hearts and Hands Community Development and its project Butterfly Hearts are based in Australia and operate with volunteer personnel, all donations received go directly into the charities activities to assist those living with disadvantage, disability, mobility issues, poverty, alienation from the mainstream of society, experiencing discrimination, and rejection within our society. Butterfly Hearts aims to give those living with disadvantage, disability or mobility issues an ability to take control of their own life and also help other experiencing disadvantage, disability or mobility issues the opportunity to benefit from others experiences and ideas.

Butterfly hearts will remain a member directed and influenced project reflecting what it's members want to see it develop into while maintaining current and factual information aimed at those in our community experiencing disadvantage, disability and mobility issues. We aim to develop society in an All People Friendly place eliminating barriers enabling all to develop and achieve their fullest potential while assisting others experiencing similar issues. through disabled member reviews of product and service delivery we aim to change business and services to become more All People Friendly in order to benefit all people within our community including the business and service sectors.

At Butterfly Hearts we intend to have members develop a can-do attitude and replace can't do with how to. We want to see within society a change in the descriptive Disabled Friendly to one of All People Friendly and thus eliminating barriers to those within our society experiencing difference or living with disability like mobility issues and not necessarily classified with the disability label. 

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Change the narrative to

'All People Friendly'

Butterfly Hearts

  • is a member-driven site providing information and recommendations to all site users

  • provides the opportunity to enhance the dignity and quality of life entitled to all persons

  • achieves recognition and positive change in people living with mobility and other issues

  • opportunities to eliminate barriers and enable those experiencing mobility and other issues to reach their full potential

  • offers users on-site information, encouragement, contacts and the opportunity to benefit from products and services designed to assist persons living with mobility and other issues

  • no need to be 'disability' classified to benefit from this site

  • offers the opportunity to be part of societal change to a 'All People Friendly' society and supply structure

  • provide user-based constructive feedback on and to organisations, businesses and authorities to assist them achieve better end-user experiences

  • make relevant up to date information available 24/7


  • maintain a member based charitable not-for-profit operation 


You do not need to be 'disability' classified to benefit from this site 

Our Mission Statement

Why 'Butterfly Hearts'?

The butterfly undergoes major change to become truly free.​​

  • Let your expectations be governed by your beliefs and abilities. 

  • Believe, 'YOU Can Do It' and you set in motion a myriad of things to enable youto achieve your goal.

  • Your beliefs, experiences and ideas can help others to become truly free.

     Share them.

  • There may be a better way than becoming a prisoner of your circumstances.

  • Butterfly Hearts can be a catalyst for this change and our collective freedom. 


We are not 'disabled', we are 'abled', we might have to look for a different way of achieving the task but we are able. 

We reject the label of Disability and demand services and businesses adopt an 'All People Friendly' goal for their service or business.

We are part of the community and we deserve the same considerations as all the community.

As within any community there are a variety of people and abilities, we are one of those variety and we are as important as every member of the community.

Use this site and see what you may be able to achieve, become a member and become a participant not an observer in life, get control of your own life and make a difference!

Disability is often linked to,

‘can’t do’ within our society. 

At Butterfly Hearts we have a

‘how to‘ attitude.

and a philosophy of

 ‘Can Do.

A realistic outlook to achieve your goal may be all that is needed. 

We provide you with examples and encouragement to investigate the possibilities and take control of your life.

The 'Can Do' attitude can aid in achieving 

your goal. 

What is your goal? 


Butterfly Hearts

a project of

Hearts and Hands Community Development

ABN: 90706247432     Charity Status: CFN22835





Office location:

Kilaben Bay, NSW,  

Australia.     2283


Email: heartsandhandscd@gmail.com 


Butterfly Hearts is a project of Hearts and Hands Community Development a volunteer Not for Profit charity which has 

Australian tax-deductible status.

To learn more please visit  Hearts and Hands Community Development


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Hearts & Hands Community Development & its project Butterfly Hearts  

acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians

of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders both past and present.

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